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Specialty Tech LTD’s clientele includes Original Equipment Manufacturers, Closeout Specialists, Wholesalers, Retailers, and Exporters featuring hardware, plumbing, kitchen appliances and cabinetry product lines.

Mike Fravala, President

Mike provided the strategic counsel for purchasing, sales, and marketing teams as well as general management decisions for organizations such as Greyhound Lines, Beatrice Foods, Dearborn Brass, Zin-Plas and Interline Brands specializing in building, and plumbing products. Knowing well the channels of distribution and the business requirements of clients, he set the foundation for Specialty Tech’s future successes.

Mike Fravala founded Specialty Tech LTD in 1996 with the mission to provide clients with an honest partnership for profitable results. With over 30 years of industry experience, Mike has taken all he has learned along the way and formed a full-service company that delivers clients inventory solutions for profitable success in markets the world over. As president, Mike is responsible for account services, business operations, and financial management at Specialty Tech LTD.

Mike began his career at Chicago Specialty, a manufacturer of plumbing and automotive products, where he increased sales to over 23 million. That has been the trend throughout this career. When Mike isn’t assisting his clients importing products or managing inventory you may find him golfing, volunteering or spending time with his wife and daughters.